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18 Old Trader Sayings

(1). Enter long positions on the strength of price support. Exit long positions on the weakness of no price support.

(2). Trends are friends. Trade with not against the trend.

(3). Buy on the rumor. It's not already in the price. Sell on the news. It's already in the price.

(4). Scared money loses. Don't be afraid just because it's you. The market doesn't know or care about you.

(5). Diversify. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

(6). Overtrade and lose. Trouble sleeping you are overtrading.

(7). Figures don't lie but liars figure. Remember Enron.

(8). Luck is with the better trader. The poorer trader has bad luck.

(9). Bulls and bears can make money, but not pigs. Greed (and fear) are the enemies of success.

(10). Enter at extreme positions.

(11). Exit at reasonable positions.

(11). Cut losses and let your profits run.

(12). Price advances weaken the market.

(13). Price declines strengthen the market.

(14). Sucker money is always welcome.

(15). Beware, the market is a whore, it will take your money and you will be sorry.

(16). Trading is a zero sum game. Your loss is their gain.

(17). Eat or be eaten.

(18). Kill or be killed.

BD14565_.GIF (183 bytes)  The second in this series has to do with a "Gap" in the charts.  A "gap" occurs when neither the high or low of today's session are is with in yesterdays price range.  This creates a hole in the chart, or a "gap" in prices.  Many a traders has said "Gaps are meant to Filled !"

BD14565_.GIF (183 bytes)  The First in this series is an expression I heard on the floor of the MidAm, by an old grizzled trader who used to view the quote board with opera glasses.  In his raspy voice he said "Grain Markets are Destroyed Three Times Each Year"